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One Book One District
On Friday, May 5 the Heuvelton Central School PreK-6 and faculty/staff participated in a kickoff event for the One Book One District program. Everyone will be reading the book The World According to Humphrey by Betty Birney. Below is a link for each chapter.

Parents please read the book to your child(ren) each night per the schedule below. As an added treat; when finished reading you can enjoy a special community member reading Humphrey's chapters each night. Humphrey squeaked and squawked until he gathered enough volunteers to read the whole book.

Students - talk to the bus driver about Humphrey's experience, or the ladies in the cafeteria, the playground monitors and the maintenance staff. They are all reading the book with you. Happy Reading!!

Check out the article in the Ogdensburg Journal -
Click here.

Sunday, May 7 - Chapter 2  
Monday, May 8 - Chapter 3
Tuesday, May 9 - Chapter 4
Wednesday, May 10 - Chapter 5
Thursday, May 11 - Chapter 6
Monday, May 15 - Chapter 7
Tuesday, May 16 - Chapter 8
Wednesday, May 17 - Chapter 9
Thursday, May 18 - Chapter 10
Sunday, May 21 - Chapter 11
Monday, May 22 - Chapter 12
Tuesday, May 23 - Chapter 13
Wednesday, May 24 - Chapter 14
Thursday, May 25 - Chapter 15

Rocket Club
Pictured below is the HCS Screaming Eagles Rocketry team that was recently down in Washington, DC to attend a competition. This photo was taken before they met with Aerospace Executives, Congressmen and Astronauts. The next photo is of a four-time shuttle astronaut addressing the group.
On Monday, May 15 the Heuvelton Boys Baseball Team visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame and played on Doubleday Field in Cooperstown.